13. As I See

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A black universe
Brown, green, grey, a ring earthy
In white oval sea


12. Undiscovered Genes

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Clones by DNA

Body, mind, irrelevant

Same in each atom

11. Riddle in Haiku Form

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Hungry as blackhole

Silent as Mauna Kea

Recedes when discerned

10. Static Death

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Flower, bright paper

Season, a colored painting

Peace, on the deathbed

9. Life Only Gives: Haiku form

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Life, always answers

You either know the deep need

Or the less known facts

8. A Life Of Care: Haiku Form

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Thoughts, dough of soft clay

Emotions, a solid gold

Choose your way to care

7. Truth : Haiku structure

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Truth a force, no ball

To be felt as a constant

Rolling forever